What the hell is that smell? (#55)

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Christine and her father Charlie


This is a Podcast about two Sisters raised in a F**ked Up Family.

Welcome back to The Family Burrito Podcast -Episode 55.

Sisters Jessie and Christine discuss…

  • Our dysregulated nervous systems
  • Deb Dana- Polyvagal Theory Book
  • Building resiliency
  • Reading peoples’ tone’s wrong
  • Christine shared reading voice tones wrong
  • Shut down during a conflict
  • Feeling attacked and rejected during conflict
  • Jessie explains what “left me on read” means
  • Jessie’s fight or flight pattern in the mornings
  • Making things personal during conflict
  • The thing we’re never going to get in childhood
  • Letting go of attachment
  • Becoming the thing you didn’t get in childhood

Resources: Deb Dana’s Polyvagal Theory in Therapy Book


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