(#46) How to Deal with a Narcissist during Mercury in Retrograde

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In this episode Jessie and Christine discuss…

  • What not to do during Mercury in retrograde 
  • Dealing with narcissistic mothers who taunt you on social media 
  • why your ex hates you
  • dating a guy with brain damage 
  • your ex-boyfriend’s new wife’s insecurity
  • flirting with a Walmart Greeter 
  • Facebook messenger phone call 
  • random guy asking you out 
  • how to set boundaries with a narcissist
  • Why your ex-boyfriend deletes you off Facebook (hint: get married)
  • One year anniversary of podcast coming up 
  • How to deal with planets in retrograde 
  • What makes a good bike 
  • Steps for dirt bike maintenance 
  • polyvagal theory
  • Long Covid Recovery
  • Chronic Pain Recovery

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