Skid marks in the toilet childhood memories (#42)

Happy 16th Birthday to me! Look at Little Jessie 🙂


Episode 42: Skid marks in the toilet childhood memories

Hello to all of our Family Burrito listeners out there whose father asked you, in front of all your friends at your 16th birthday celebration, if it was you who made the quote “skidmarks in the toilet”.

Welcome back to the Family Burrito Podcast Episode 42. My name is Christine. My sister Jessie and I made this podcast as a way to heal our skid mark making in the toilet childhood wounds

Christine and Jessie discuss…


  • Insane Clown Posse
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Strip Clubs rules
  • Richard Nixon conspiracy
  • Pornhub’s creepy step sibling porn
  • Titanic binocular mistake
  • Titanic alien conspiracy theories
  • Recording conversations for narcissist receipts
  • Being raised by a narcissistic father

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